Director: Scott Derrickson

Released: 2012

Sinister is a movie that for the first time in years has been able to set the atmosphere right for a good scare in a horror flick. While it does not have the best horror movie in the world, what it lacks in acting quality it makes up for in it’s ability to set the tone right for a good jump from it’s audience.

Sinister has that feeling to it that you know that it’s a horror flick, you know that some one is going to get hurt and just when the main character seems like he’s going to get taken away, he’s left alone. Instead what you get is the sight of children stalking him and when he’s about to turn around and see them, they jump into the shadows in the house and vanish from sight.

It really is a movie that need’s to be given a chance but is generally over looked by people going on about the acting in it.


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