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New Content Request

If you find a movie/television show that is not currently listed, please email us at

Please put wordpress under the subject bar, emails that do not, can not be guaranteedĀ to be read. All requests for new content must contain a summary of the medium as well as the name of the creator(s)/director and it’s release date.

No foul language or discrimination is to be included in your summaries, any that do will not be processed.


Our Review Blog

This Blog is designed to be a public resource where anyone can share their opinions on movies and shows they have watched, give recommendations and also to help make the today’s online community more open to sharing.

This blog is categorized by genre however please keep in mind that many movies and shows can be under several different genres should you find one that may seem out of place.

This blog contains reviews and the general plot for many different shows ranging from blockbusters to independent films and JapaneseĀ anime to household soap operas. While we do not spoil the plot of these shows please remember that someone may comment and reveal the plot line.


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